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If you’re in Digital Marketing, odds are someone has questioned why you are not using AI to do SEO, and pretty much everything else.

At LSG, we are certainly trendy, and over the past year we have developed our own AI content-production system for SEO, and have deployed over 10,000 pages and counting to great effect.

Book A “Jession”

If you would like to learn or improve how to create AI content that Google actually likes, book a session or two with Jess Peck, our fabulous ML Ops Engineer.

A “Jession” will help you learn:

  • How AI content generation for SEO works.
  • How to keep the AI on track – they tend to need a lot of hand-holding/guardrails.
  • How to bulk create content.
  • How to work human beings into the process.
  • What to avoid (This is in fact perhaps the most important part of the process).
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